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Norwegian Seafood

We bring you the best sustainable seafood directly from the Norwegian coast.

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Norwegian Seafood is the superior seafood

With brutally cold temperatures and a rough climate, Norway is an inhospitable place for humans – but these unforgiving conditions also make Norway perfect for seafood.

The chilly Arctic waters surrounding the country are home to superior-quality cod, haddock, salmon and beyond.

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Some of our products…

Our Atlantic Salmon

Our Atlantic Salmon

Fresh Salmon from the Norwegian sea.  Nutritional content Scientific Name: Salmo Salar Origin: Norway Quality: Superior, Ordinary Size: 1-9+ kg Storage: Fresh 0-4 Degree Celsius Frozen -18 or Colder Packaging: 5, 10, 20 kg Styrofoam Box

Our Atlantic Cod

Our Atlantic Cod

Fresh Cod from the Norwegian sea.   Nutritional content Scientific Name:   Gadus Moruha Origin:   Norway Size:  Long-line:   0-1 kg, 1-2,5 kg,   2,5-5 kg, 5-7kg, 7 kg+ Trawl:   0-1 kg, 1-2,5 kg, 2,5-4 kg,   4-6 kg, 6 kg+, 8 kg+ Availability:   All year Main Season: ...



You can trust that the seafood which bears the blue MSC eco-label comes from a viable fish stock and was caught by a responsible fishery that safeguards the marine and habitat environment around it.

Only fish and shellfish that come from fisheries which meet our strict requirements for sustainable fishing, can be sold with the MSC eco-label – the blue fish.

These fisheries ensure that there is enough fish left in the sea, so that fish stocks and ecosystems remain healthy and productive for the future.

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