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About Us

We are a Norwegian Seafood company with customer service at the heart of all our operations.

We pride ourselves with our high quality, sustainable fishes and fish products. We work directly with some of the most ethical and sustainable fisheries in Norway to bring the best of Norwegian Seafood to the world.

Customer in focus

Since international trade is considered grassroots business, focus on the customer is always lacking.

We have built all our processes with our customer at the center of it. We are consistently working towards making our customers life easier, by streamlining all aspects of the cross border trade to attain maximum efficiency.  Since the freight costs are a huge factor when it comes to setting international prices, we are always working on discovering new logistics solutions so that we could bring down the cost of freight for our customers.


Among some of the most surreal natural beauty on Earth, where life is hard for humans due to extreme temperatures,  some of the best quality fish on the planet can be found.

No Distance Is too Far

We can send you Norwegian Seafood no matter where you are located on the planet. We want the world to try our seafood, and we are willing to take the pains to get our seafood to you.